Cladding Wexford

Specialising in
Brick Cladding​

Suppling brick since 2006

We at united building products are leading distributor of brick slips to building and private market. We have been selling stone-cladding and brick-cladding  since 2006. Our services and knowledge is what sets us apart from our competition.

As a supplier we pride ourselves with our hands on approach we offer  a large range from which our customer can order samples.


As a small business we offer top class service ,so every customer no matter what size the order is gets our full attention .

Our motto 1 to 100 

The customer that buys 1 box today will buy 100 the next time. We pride ourselves on our level of communication and this is why we have so many returning customers. 

brick cladding and red stone
Brick Cladding Ireland

Standards and Service

All our bricks are of the highest quality add a beautiful finish to any wall interior or exterior.

Custom selected

We select only the finest and often quite a few custom styles. Making your home or business look unique.

Large Selection of bricks

We have a wide selection to choose from check most of our brick in our products section .

We can source reliable tradesmen

Here at Brick Cladding we go the extra bit for our customers so if you need a reliable tradesman, we are happy to put you in touch.

We have all the advice you need to help you select the right brick for the job

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