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Beautiful Versatile Brick Cladding

Transforming Spaces, Inside and Out: Explore Our Exceptional Range of Versatile Brick Cladding for Endless Design Possibilities.

Brick cladding options offer a stunning visual addition to any interior or exterior, and can suit homes, bars or restaurants. 

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The customer that buys 1 box today will buy 100 boxes the next time. We our renowned for our excellent level of customer care and communication, which is why we have so many returning customers.

That’s our promise. 

Supplying Brick Cladding since 2006

A leading supplier of stone and brick cladding in Ireland

United Building Products is a leading distributor of stone and brick cladding, and brick slips to the building and private market. We have been selling stone cladding and brick cladding since 2006. Our services and knowledge is what sets us apart from our competition.

Article - Retail Spaces

Brick Slip Cladding in Retail Spaces: Creating Impactful Storefronts

The interior design of commercial spaces holds the power to shape customer experiences, evoke emotions, and leave a lasting impression. In recent years, the use of interior brick cladding has become a popular design choice for stores, restaurants, bars, and hotels.

Brick Slip Cladding in Retail Spaces: Creating Impactful Storefronts

Transform Your Space with Stunning Stone Cladding!

Visit our sister website or give us a call at 086 388 6564 to get started.

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